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Benefits of our JISA

At the Big Exchange, your JISA investments can make money for your child's future, have a positive impact on the people and the planet without paying any tax on your potential returns.


Tax-free profit

Invest up to £9,000 a year and not pay any tax on returns.



We will show you what it costs on our digital fee calculator here.


Make a Change

Help make a change to people, the planet and to your children’s future.



We keep your account and all your investments safe from digital threats.


No Extra Fees

We will not charge you for opening or closing an account with The Big Exchange.



Start to educate your children that investing is not just about making money but about making a difference to people and the planet.

Transferring is simple

Transfer your account to The Big Exchange in three simple steps:

Opening a JISA couldn’t be easier

A JISA is a tax free-way to invest up to £9,000 per year. Help build a sustainable future for your children and for the planet they will inherit.

Opening a JISA will not cost you anything extra and you can start from £50 a month.

Get started Investing is not guaranteed to make you money.
Your capital is at risk.