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The financial system needs to change.
So we’re building a new one.

Today’s financial system doesn’t work for everyone.
Millions of people don’t have access to basic financial services. Millions more want to use their savings to make a better future for themselves and for others, but don’t know how.
That’s got to change. That’s why we’re building The Big Exchange.

Change the way you save. Change the world.

The first change we are making is to the way you save and invest. Our fund platform, The Big Fund, will allow you to use your savings to make a better future for yourself - and for everyone.

  • The first fund platform to exclusively offer impact funds in the UK
  • High quality funds and portfolios from leading fund managers
  • Among the lowest costs anywhere in the market
  • A simple, mobile-first interface
  • Impact-focussed educational content
  • A unique social passport which tracks how much good you’re doing, for yourself and others

But we won’t stop there.

In time, we will build a complete blockchain-based marketplace which offers additional ethical financial services and products, including an easy to access cash account.

Be part of building The Big Exchange, helping millions of people get access to ethical, low cost financial services and products.

What’s in
it for you.

Put your money to work with market leading asset managers at the lowest cost.

Only invest in businesses that positively impact society and the planet.

See exactly how much good you’re doing with our unique social passport.

Keep track of how your investments are performing.

What’s in it
for everyone.

Your investments will make a positive difference to other people and the planet.

Your money will go towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

You will be part of a new financial system that works for everyone.

A hand up,
not a hand out.

The Big Exchange will revolutionise financial services but its principles are nothing new. They have come from an idea that’s been around for over 25 years – The Big Issue. A business, not a charity. A hand up, not a hand out. The Big Issue has given many thousands of people excluded from society a way back in. The Big Exchange is founded on the same principles.

The Big Exchange
in the press.

Time for change

Time for change. Time for The Big Exchange.

Millions of people are short-changed 
by today’s financial system.

Your money could do more than just 
make a difference to you.

It would help change the world and 
the lives of people around you.