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About our General Investment Account

A General Investment Account or GIA is a really plain name for the most basic place to hold your investments, no bells and whistles. There is no tax saving in a GIA so depending on your personal circumstances you may need to pay tax on your returns if they exceed your personal allowances.

If your ISA is full for the year and you’ve reached your £20,000 limit but you want to keep investing, a GIA means you don’t have to stop! If you find yourself in this situation, we will let you know you have hit your limit and we can open a GIA for you.

Transferring is simple

Transfer your account to The Big Exchange in three simple steps:

Opening a GIA couldn’t be easier

All investments on The Big Exchange can be held in our GIA letting you invest as much as you want in the things that matter to you.

Opening a GIA will not cost you anything extra and you can start from £50 a month.

Get startedInvesting is not guaranteed to make you money.
Your capital is at risk.