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Investing that makes a difference

Impact investing is using money to back companies with the aim to contribute meaningful and measurable positive social or environmental impact, at the same time as a financial return.

It is similar to traditional investing in that there is something in it for you, but with impact investing there is also something positive in it for other people and the planet too.

Impact investing targets two returns:
  • Financial
  • People
    & Planet

Invest with impact on The Big Exchange

Impact investments

We will only offer funds that make a positive impact to people and the planet.

Trusted partners

High quality funds from some of the UK’s leading, most trusted investment providers.

Low fees

Amongst the lowest costs anywhere in the market, so we can help your money go further.

Measure positive impact

Track how much good you’re doing with our unique Social Passport.


Educational content to help you make better informed decisions.


What’s in it for you

  • Put your money to work with market leading asset managers at low cost.
  • Only invest in businesses that positively impact people and the planet.
  • See exactly how much good you’re doing with our unique Social Passport.
  • Keep track of how your investments are performing.

What’s in it for everyone

  • Our investments will make a positive difference to other people and the planet.
  • Our money will go towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We will be part of a new financial system that works for everyone.

How we measure impact

To measure impact, we have created a methodology - our version of a test - where we look in detail at each investment and see how much positive impact it has. We won’t allow our partners to offer their products on The Big Exchange unless they pass our test.

We will then show you two things: whether the investments impact people or the planet, and also how much positive impact they have. We have done this by categorising the UN's Sustainable Development Goals into groups and giving out ratings of Gold, Silver and Bronze to the most impactful investments.



An account is where your impact investments on The Big Exchange will be held. Choosing an account can seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be. We will offer an ISA, GIA, and a JISA.

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