Positive impact test

Why we test the impact of your investments?

We want the financial system to work for everyone. To do that we need to make every action count, every investment deliver real change and every pound make a positive impact. All while delivering you a financial return.

We have put together a positive impact test where the results aim to help you better understand how your investment choices can make a worthwhile difference to people and the planet.

People and planet

Every investment on The Big Exchange will have to prove how it helps people and the planet. Without this, it cannot be awarded a medal.


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Medals give you a picture of how much positive impact an investment has.

Our aim is to make our approach fair, consistent and understandable.

Medals are a good way of simplifying the outcome of our assessment and pointing out those funds that really go the extra mile in supporting people or the planet.


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High Positive Impact

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How do we do this?

Our experienced and independent partner 3D Investing will take a detailed look at all the holdings of a fund and then put them through a series of challenges, as part of our test, to work out their positive contribution towards some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

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